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Urban Resources


Jandakot Airport

Scope of Work

The Jandakot Airport fence boundary needed to be extended approximately 5 metres outward from the existing boundary.

This required the supply and installation of 1.7 km of 2100 mm, high-security chain-link fence with three rows of barbed wire on cranked posts and 300 mm of mesh trenched in the ground.

The fence line ran across a combination of extremely steep sand dunes, thick vegetation, and sand. This presented a challenge, as excavation for post holes or the trench would be likely to cause sand collapse.

To overcome this obstacle, Agrimate utilised its fleet of four-wheel drives and a skidsteer loader to access the difficult terrain. Using numerous water carts and a water truck supplied by Urban Resources, we were able to compact the soil enough to avoid sand collapse when excavating.


Despite the unique challenges this project presented, Agrimate was able to complete the project within budget, ahead of schedule, and to the required specifications.

Give us a call if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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