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Wormall Civil



Scope of Work

As part of the Landcorp – Peel Business Park Project (Transform Peel), Agrimate was engaged to supply and install 8 kilometres of various rural-style fences along Patterson Rd, Nambeelup.

​At the same time, Wormall Civil was engaged to lay new electrical cabling to service the Peel Business Park. Agrimate was required to install the new fencing along the electricity line, necessitating a stagewise approach as Wormall Civil progressed in laying the new cable.

​Complicating the situation further was the fact that the new electrical infrastructure ran across 11 privately owned lots/farms, all with different fence types. This meant that the owners of these properties needed to have their old fencing removed and new fences installed to their satisfaction. 

Working with so many stakeholders meant that plans and opinions changed regularly. We overcame this challenge by facilitating open and clear communication between all parties, showing consideration for the needs of all stakeholders, and maintaining flexibility in the plan and schedule.


This was a very successful project for Agrimate from multiple perspectives.

  1. Our client was able to carry out the works without interruption and without damage to their assets.

  2. All the stakeholders were happy with the end result and the quality of their new commercial fencing.

  3. All time schedules and deadlines were either met or exceeded, resulting in prompt payment and satisfied clients.

Give us a call if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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