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When Claude Bezuidenhout started Agrimate in 2003, he was a sole trader with nothing more than a ute full of tools to his name. 

Today, Agrimate is a leading provider of commercial fencing across Perth and Western Australia, with over 25 experienced employees and a dedicated fleet of vehicles and machinery that allow Agrimate to provide high-quality fencing solutions for even the most complex projects.


So how did he do it?

Claude knew that success was not about the resources he had, but the values he brought to the business. He developed solid industry relationships based on trust, respect, and accountability

And it’s those same core values that continue to drive Agrimate’s decisions and interactions every day, at every level of the company.



At Agrimate, it is our people that define our company culture and epitomise the values Agrimate was built on. 

Our people share a genuine dedication to their craft and an uncompromising commitment to deliver only the best outcomes for our customers. 

Our people are friendly, honest, and reliable. We work hard to deliver unparalleled customer service day in, day out.

Our people thrive on the challenge of developing innovative solutions to complex problems. We are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on your requirements.

At Agrimate, a promise made is a promise kept.

We pride ourselves on meeting your project requirements smoothly, on schedule, and within budget – every time. 

With the flexibility of a small company, the infrastructure of an established business, and loyal, experienced employees, Agrimate will confidently take on whatever challenges your project may present.

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