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Agrimate has been installing rural fences across Western Australia for over 17 years. We understand farmers, and we understand their needs. We go above and beyond to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.

Every property is unique, and nobody knows your property better than you. Let us work with you to make sure we choose the right fencing type and specifications for your individual situation. 

​Some of the most common rural fences we install include ringlock fencing with two rows of barbed wire, post and rail timber fencing, barbed wire fencing, and electric stock fencing. 

Already know exactly what type of fencing you need? Great! Just give us a call and we’ll prepare a quote to install the fence exactly to your specifications.

​Alternatively, we’d love to help you explore your options and offer advice on the best type of fencing for your circumstances.


With almost two decades of experience in rural and commercial fencing, we guarantee we’ll be able to design and install a fence that satisfies your requirements.

Give us a call if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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